HSBC Banker

HSBC Banker Monica Wong Wins Latin Dance Lawsuit
By Clare Cheung
     Sept. 6 (Bloomberg) — HSBC Holdings Plc banker Mimi Monica Wong won a Hong Kong lawsuit seeking the return of HK$60 million ($7.7 million) in fees she paid for Latin dance lessons.
     “They took her money, for services in the future which she would never take up,” Deputy High Court Judge Gerard Muttrie said in a 59-page written judgment today.
     Wong had sued her Latin dance teachers Mirko Saccani and his wife Gaynor Fairweather, for the return of the fees, part of a HK$120 million advance payment, after he allegedly humiliated her publicly during a practice session at a Hong Kong restaurant in August 2004. Press reporting of the case has made the 61 year-old head of HSBC’s private banking unit in Asia a household name in the city.

HSBC Banker”的一个响应

  1. 120,000,000港币!!!
    – 什么样的舞蹈课值1亿2千万港币啊!?
    – (掏出计算器…)相当于连续8年, 每个工作日学8个小时, 每个小时7500港币!
    – 把钱交给HSBC私人银行的人要仔细考虑啊…


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